Polita baie din inox

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– Model: one edition

– Finish: Satin

– Length (mm): 500

– Width (mm): 120

– Height (mm): 26

– Weight (grams):

– Supporting capacity (grams):


Product Details

Made entirely of durable solid stainless steel, this innovative suite of accessories is a fresh feeling, a new standard of quality and hygiene in a world dominated by chromium. With a minimalist, modern style and offering the advantage of ease in installation, Allinox accessories fit perfectly to any bathroom design.

This serie is available with anti-slip satin finish.



– Made of solid stainless steel and glass, which ensures durability over time and enhanced hygiene

– Suitable for wall mounting

– Hidden wall mounting

– The distance between supports can be adjusted

– The product is also supplied with A2 stainless steel screws



Allinox accessories are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Material and finishing

– Massive stainless steel

– Clear glass

– Satin finish



We guarantee a 10-year warranty instead of a 2-year legal guarantee for all the Allinox products.


Care instructions

Clean with a soft cloth moistened with water and detergent or soap, if necessary then wipe with a clean cloth.


Material and Environment

100% Stainless Steel & Clear Glass

For a valuable contribution to the environment protection, all the materials we use can be 100% recycled.