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Suporti Recipiente Hotel
single stainless steel bracket prija

Acest suport unic de perete din oțel inoxidabil este finisat lucios si detine un dispozitiv unic de securitate cu cheia imbus.

This stainless steel wall bracket sanitiser dispenser is manufactured by us in high grade, polished stainless steel and features a unique security locking device with wrench key. Will hold 300ml bottles.

Acest suport din inox negru este fabricat cu mare atentie la detalii si vopsit in camp electrostatic. Recipientul este securizat prin intermediul cheii incluse in pachet. Poate sustine recipiente de 250-500ml

Suport prosop

Fabricat integral din otel inoxidabil.


Otelul inoxidabil este bine cunoscut pentru durabilitatea lui care il face un material foarte apreciat.


Nu doar un aspect placut, ci și unul sofisticat și rezistent.


În ciuda aspectului său sofisticat, materialul din oțel inoxidabil nu necesită o întreținere specială.


Oțelul inoxidabil este un material anticoroziv cu proprietăți de igienă

Raport calitate-preț

Un preț foarte bun și accesibil comparat cu durata lungă de viață

Prietenos cu mediul

Otelul inoxidabil este in proportie de 100% reciclabil


Suntem o echipă tânără cu o viziune specială, menită să adauge valoare adaugată produselor fabricate din inox. market. Our drive has been the ambition of creating premium quality stainless steel parts at affordable prices. From the smallest component to the main one, Allinox products are made in Romania exclusively from massive stainless steel in an innovative design that meets the most sophisticated tastes.

             Why fully and exclusively massive stainless steel? It is a material with a high durability, a very decorative appearance, easy to maintain, anticorrosive and eco-friendly (100% recyclable). Our biggest challenge was how to get a low price for the end product, as compared to its long life.

In a significant proportion, the technological flow is made “handmade“, which gives the final product more attention to detail and ensures the reduction of the negative impact on the environment, as well as the consumption of resources.

Our desire is to add elegance, functionality and durability to every space accessorized with our products. For this purpose, our team – the production manager, the designer and the design engineer – constantly innovate and improve the production process. We plan to deliver impeccable pieces designed to wink at you every time you enter the bathroom or the kitchen, always giving you the satisfaction of that innovative, well-made and durable product.
Allinox. Made for life.