Foot Pedal Hand Sanitizer Vandal Proof Stand

As sanitizing our hands became the no. 1 medical recommendation worldwide, imagine our stand  as an exquisite technology ready to meet the ultimate requirements, just as a successful short visit to the best doctor in the world.

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Because it is entirely made by stainless steel, it can be placed both outdoors and indoors without the risk of rust.  It is perfect for placing in any environment and provides extra safety as you use your foot to pump the sanitizer and therefore no hand contact is needed.

Product include 1000ml empty sanitizer bottle and stainless steel nozzle pump.

Height of the stand is 1000mm.

These sleek and stylish stand for dispenser allow you to install the dispenser in the way of the passer. Ideal for intense using in hotels, terraces, offices, guest bathrooms, restaurants, health centre or spa.