Single Slim Black Stainless Steel Holder

This single stainless steel wall holder is manufactured by us in stainless steel, powder coated in matte black, the most resistant dyeing  and features a unique security locking device using a wrench key. Will hold 500ml bottles. This product it’s perfect if you need one almost invisible and stable holder.

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Supplied with stainless steel fixing screws. The adjustable back plate moves up and down and the bottle is locked in place with wrench key. Sold singly. BOTTLES NOT INCLUDED.

The brackets are heavy gauge stainless steel(2mm), made to last and will resist pitting and rust.

These sleek and stylish dispenser brackets allow you to wall mount shower gel, hand wash, shampoo or lotion in an easily accessible, mess and waste free fashion. Ideal for using in hotels, public washroom areas, guest bathrooms, restaurants, health centre or spa.

This product it’s not for sale, as it’s produced exclusively for one of our partners, if you like this product,  we will design a new holder specially for your needs and according with your own bottle.